gRPC系列:(1)Protobuf 简要介绍

这是 gRPC 系列博客的第一篇,本篇将简要介绍 Protobuf 这一gRPC定义语言。 Protocol Buffers are a language-neutral, platform-neutral extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. (笔者译:Protocol Buffers 是一个语言中性的、平台中性的拓展性序列化结构数据的机制) Protocol buffers are a combination of the definition language (created in .proto files), the code that the proto compiler generates to interface with data, language-specific runtime libraries, and the serialization format for data that is written to a file (or sent across a network connection). (笔者译:Protocal Buffers 是下列功能的集合:定义语言(通过.proto文件)、生成接口和数据代码的 proto 编译器,特定语言的运行库、以及存储到一个文件(或通过网络传输)的序列化格式...

2023/07/27 · updated 2023/10/31 · 307 words · Finley Ge